Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cuteness Overload: SHIMEJI~! (´・ω・`)~♪ ~♪



*dies of the cuteness*

For those unfamiliar with these cute critters, Shimeji are basically desktop buddies that you can play around with on your desktop. You run the program and your Shimeji chibi pops up on the desktop. They’re mischevious little buggers who crawl up on the sides of your screen and are of no use other than being utterly adorable ^w^ They also tend to multiply (speed depends on their behavior pattern) if left alone. You shouldn't let them grow too much and reset to one after a while.

Just look what happened when I left my Saber shimeji on and went AFK....

There’s 3 general behavior patterns for Shimeji:
  • Calm: doesn’t move around much or multiply
  • Active: moves and multiplies quite a bit
  • Mischievous: moves and multiplies a LOT and even grabs your internet browser windows to throw them!
I prefer the calm ones, haven't encountered the third kind yet~


You can find a lot on the web, I'd suggest getting this awesome collection first:


Then, go check out these 2 sites, they have a good number of shimejis, but many of them are already included in the above download so less work for you!

Shimeji Tumblr
Shimeji Blogspot

One thing to mention: a good number of these downloads need you to download the shimejis from pixiv which is a japanese site, and you'll often need a password that is already mentioned in the download post. To see how and where to put the pass, the tumblr faq link I gave below has instructions with pictures.


Basically most shimeji come with a shimeji.exe, clicking which starts the shimeji actions, and to stop it you go to the lower-right corner of your desktop and right click on the icon. This brings up a list of actions (which are sometimes in unreadable font, but they always mean the same things so look up which means which in this explanation link) also given below, close the program by choosing the bottommost choice.

I didn't know this, but apparently to run a shimeji, you need to have the latest version of Java. Check your java at the the explanation link.

If there is only one folder present that contains a number of images, you need to download another shimeji and replace that shimeji's "img" folder contents with your desired shimeji pics. The the tumblr faq link has instructions about this too.

How-to-use shimeji short explanations


Sometimes if you download the zip version, zip folders ruin the Japanese text in some file names, so the Shimeji doesn't work you need to do some stuff.

Go to the conf folder in the Shimeji folder.
Rename file names accordingly:
43 KB (or around) file should be renamed 動作.xml
11 KB (or around) file should be renamed 行動.xml

Go back and start Shimeji.exe, it should work ^^


If you like them a lot, you can give making some of your own a try. Here's a tutorial on that:

Making Shimejis

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