Sunday, January 20, 2013

[Translation] Diamond no Kuni no Alice:Prologue part1

(I underestimated this game's length and tried line-by-line translating...the next scenes will be more like summaries and full of silly comments :D I got extremely tired halfway through this so forgive the spelling mistakes and inaccurate translations. Oh and I don't plan to translate the game or anything, just special scenes that I end up liking. )
In the darkness, I was suddenly assaulted by a strange sensation. A feeling similar to being in air, falling down and down.
This darkness, this feeling of being airborne-I can shut both down easily. I got into the bed in my room and went to sleep.
This strange sensation…it’s only a dream. This is not reality.
I only have to open my eyes. It’s just that simple.
If I just open my eyes, I can wake up from the dream and return to reality. I willed my eyelids open to come out of this dream quickly.

Even though I opened my eyes, the feeling of floating didn’t disappear. Rather than being suspended midair, I was falling backward.
Is that a hole in front of me!? No, it’s pretty far away…
I could see a round hole at a distance.
The sky was cut into a round opening. Even without falling any far, I’m already inside the hole.

I keep falling. Somehow this feeling is familiar…