Sunday, December 15, 2013

[NEWS] Anniversary no Kuni translation patch update+preview video

This is not really a news but more of an update. I think I didn't announce it in this blog, but I have been helping out on the translation project of Anniversary no Kuni no Alice that started from the end of of last year. We're pretty short on people so progress has been slow, but we aren't dead and translation progress has somehow reached 48% XD If you wish to help us out you can reply to the thread on Baka-Tsuki forums or make a comment on the offical project page on wordpress.

Last week I finally got to test the couple of scripts I had translated for the project in-game, it wasn't working for me until then because of certain issues on my PC. Here’s a preview (remember the project is still in a WIP state, the text is not wrapped perfectly yet and I’d like to improve the translation if I can. Also Alice’s name is still Japanese since that’s what I started the game with XD).

P.S. I find it hilarious how Blood actually apologizes if Alice is truly angry enough to ignore him, but is in full troll mode if she’s just pissed and mouthing off lol

Kuchihatenu MASTERPOST!

Well, I finished Hijikata’s and Saito’s route way back, but never got around to reposting in this blog and I’m too lazy to make new posts for all the 15 parts >.> So here you go, links to all the parts, posted in tumblr. I posted this on wordpress too but forgot to do the same here ^^;;

Parts 1-3 Common route+Normal end. 4-8 Hijikata’s route, 9-16 Saitou’s route
Part1   Part2  Part3
Part4   Part5  Part6  Part7  Part8
Part9  Part10  Part11  Part12  Part13  Part14  Part15  Part16 (read-only light nsfw)

While as a doujin game it wasn’t bad, the original game was such an epic that I kinda lost my interest in this game after finishing it once and going back to replay the original Hakuoki, I won’t be doing any thorough reviews for Sano, Heisuke or Okita, sorry. In fact even going back to read these posts make me cringe a bit from my crappy translations, but it would be cruel to just delete them so here~

My Alice series obsession

Ah, it’s been so long since I posted here! During this interval I’ve been very active on tumblr, mostly obsessing over the Alice series by Quinrose. I guessed it was high time I started bringing them over  here and my other workpress blog. 
P.S. Blood Dupre and Julius Monrey own my soul. <33333