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[Translation] Diamond no Kuni no Alice:Prologue part1

(I underestimated this game's length and tried line-by-line translating...the next scenes will be more like summaries and full of silly comments :D I got extremely tired halfway through this so forgive the spelling mistakes and inaccurate translations. Oh and I don't plan to translate the game or anything, just special scenes that I end up liking. )
In the darkness, I was suddenly assaulted by a strange sensation. A feeling similar to being in air, falling down and down.
This darkness, this feeling of being airborne-I can shut both down easily. I got into the bed in my room and went to sleep.
This strange sensation…it’s only a dream. This is not reality.
I only have to open my eyes. It’s just that simple.
If I just open my eyes, I can wake up from the dream and return to reality. I willed my eyelids open to come out of this dream quickly.

Even though I opened my eyes, the feeling of floating didn’t disappear. Rather than being suspended midair, I was falling backward.
Is that a hole in front of me!? No, it’s pretty far away…
I could see a round hole at a distance.
The sky was cut into a round opening. Even without falling any far, I’m already inside the hole.

I keep falling. Somehow this feeling is familiar…
This situation is identical to the time I came to the Country of Hearts. The world called the Country of Hearts is not the same as the world I originally am from.
In the heart shaped castle that was also the namesake of the country, there was a talking rabbit.

Though it sounded like a world right out of a fairy tale, it was far away from such and full of danger.
The residents of this world carry guns and kill people without hesitation. Such things were impossible in the world I was from.
I fell down a hole the same way as now when I was brought to this dangerous, strange world. After passing through that long tunnel, I reached the place known as Wonderland.
However, why am I falling through a hole in the same way as that time? That I don’t know.
A dream. This is a dream…
...... However, I don’t wake up even after opening my eyes. Just like this world…
“A-Anyway!! Calm down!!”
Taking a breath, I composed myself. Though I knew that it might not help with the current situation, I decided to check out my surroundings instead of just panicking.
At that time I finally realized that my body was being supported by someone. From the warmth of the hands that supported me, a sense of relief flowed into me.
(I’m not alone.)


I turned sideways to verify the identity of the owner of this warmth. Right there was a young man with rabbit ears on top of his head.
It was a person I knew well. Looking at me, he flashed me a gentle smile.
“Peter!! What are you planning to do this time!?”
Peter: “............”
White Rabbit, Peter=White. The one responsible for bringing me to the Country of Hearts.
He serves as the prime minister in the Castle of Heart in this country. Though his looks and brains are nice, it’s a disappointment that he’s the way he is.
(Yeah, his looks are nice. ONLY HIS LOOKS.)
He doesn’t listen to anything people say. GOOD GRIEF, NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST.
He pushes conversations the way he pleases and interprets everything at his own convenience.I think the long ears on the top of his head serve as nothing more than decorations.
In addition, he’s also the one who kidnapped me from my former world.
Still, I’m grateful for letting me stay at the Castle of Heart. If he threw me out at that time, I would have been helplessly out cold in the streets.
(Nonono, I shouldn’t be expressing gratitude to him.)
“Peter! What are you planning? Answer me!”
Although I had accepted the lodgings and gotten to know him, one cannot afford to be indulgent towards this rabbit.
He is a pervert who’d willfully break into a person’s room with the master key he gained using his authority as the Prime Minister.
Plus, he’s a stalker who’s aware of all my private affairs even though I didn’t tell him.
He’s all three-a kidnapper, a pervert, and a stalker.
Together with a guy like him who hardly has a good impression on me, I’ve fallen into a hole again.
I can only have a bad premonition about this.
(Even if this is a dream, it is a bad omen.)
“Say something! Peter!?”
“… … … …”


There’s no answer from Peter. The sound of cutting through air emptily resonates inside the hole.


(This isn’t a dream. This world might be a dream itself, but at least inside this world…)

“This seems different from the situation of last time, but…”

My thoughts become clear. This isn’t a dream after all.

“Did we move?”

That was the worst possible thing that could happen. Even though I didn’t want it to happen, it was
pretty likely.

During the last move, I moved from the Country of Hearts to the Country of Clover. Though I had
first arrived at the Country of Hearts, currently I am staying in the Country of Clover.

That was a “move”. The meaning of the word is different from the normal moving from one house to another, like it was at my former world.

It’s not the people who move, but the land itself-large terrains completely moving over to another location. One doesn’t have to move either themselves or any furniture. It sounds like a convenient thing.

But there are negative effects as well. What was a part of the Country of Hearts, becomes a part of the Country of Clover.

The inverse is also true. Besides land and buildings, the people inside them also move.

When I moved to the Country of Clover, the amusement park and the Clock tower disappeared. In their place, the forest and the Clover tower appeared, and I encountered new people.

Even though I’m happy to meet new people, people close to me have disappeared. Will I have to experience that sort of loneliness again?

Suddenly, without any previous notice, I have to face separation.

“If this is a move, this time what’d remain, who’d…”

“…Peter. Do you hear me?”

Peter: “….”

In spite of my firm questioning, he only returned a gentle smile this time as well. A lonely smile.

When he doesn’t answer me no matter what I ask, I felt very uneasy.

Though he never listens to me, he talks a lot. Without listening to my words he always keeps prattling endlessly.

A white rabbit that cancels out everything and keeps chattering nonstop. He’s here doing nothing but smile.

We’re falling together. Being pulled in just like that day.


I called his name once more.

Peter: “….”

Still, no answer.

However, he is here. As always.


What is he thinking? Could it be…he’s kidnapping me again?

(Other than the Country of Hearts, where could he take…)


The moment I let out a sigh, a bizarre thing happened.

One by one rose petals started coming off from Peter’s body.


I opened my eyes wide in surprise. In the meantime, his form was rapidly vanishing as petals kept falling off his body.


Peter: “….Alice.”

The moment when I cried out, Peter’s body scattered into petals and soared upwards. With the sweet fragrance of the rose, red petals flutter.

The petals flow away in the opposite direction from the one I was falling toward. No, maybe it just seems that way since petals are actually light.

Not wanting to let go, I touched the last remaining petal with my fingertip. Leaving my finger soon, even that petal flies away.


What on earth is happening......?)

Just when I thought that, the balance of my body that was stable until now got upset. I started falling at a dash.


Just like the way a Roller Coaster goes down, the speed I fall at keeps going up steadily.

(I’m going to die this time!!)

When I was brought to the Country of Hearts, Peter-the white rabbit-was with me. Since I had him with me at that time, I was saved by the exceptional bounce of his feet.

But this time I don’t have him to depend on. He has turned into rose petals and disappeared.

(I’m still falling!?)


“I’m dying! I’M DYING!!”

Prepared for my death, I shut my eyes and held my hands together in front of my chest in the way of prayer.


???: “Gueh!!”

Although I thought I had died for sure, my body became enveloped in a soft sensation.

Ever since I arrived in this wonderland, I have faced mortal crisis many times. But somehow even with my rotten luck, I managed to get away safely every time.

Is that brand of luck at work this time as well? Slowly I opened my eyes.


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