Thursday, May 17, 2012

[NEWS]Heartful Chance: new English Otome game!

I'm back with new otome game news :3 A new otome game in English by Studio Sparkles is here! BTW this doesn't have anything to do with Heartful Kareshi :P


Everyday seems to be the same, according to Eimi, an average student from St. Jean-Marie Academy.

One time, during their Chemistry class, Eimi forgot to do her homework and sought her friend, Charlotte’s help in exchange of writing a romantic love letter to her crush.Through the letter, Charlotte finally got the attention of her crush.

When word spread around the campus about Charlotte and her crush's love story , many of Eimi’s schoolmates soon began asking her to write for them love letters.Eimi soon became known as “Love Letter Princess”. However, as they say, fame has its price.

One day, just a week before Valentine's Day, Eimi’s crush, Kouhei asked her to write a love letter for a special girl.

Will Eimi be able to write a love letter knowing that it is for someone else who holds a place in Kouhe’s heart?


My Thoughts: I'm studying right now so I haven't had a chance to check this out, but the artwork seems similar to witch spell, if not a little bit shinier and improved. The story sounds interesting, I'll definitely play this soon. Dissppointed at the number of bishies though, I wanted more~~~


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  1. Ah it is a free doujin isn't, thank you for the info. Might check this game late ^_^