Friday, May 4, 2012

[NEWS] Love Revo English Patch for DS finally released!!!!

Finally it's here! This patch applicable for the Korean version of the awesome otome game "Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo", called Girlish Love Revolution! DS, and of course, to use this patch you'd need an electronic copy of the game, a rom, that will be patched to English. You'll need an emulator to run the rom with if you don't have a Nintendo DS, I suggest desmume, it's easy to use and versatile.

Let's give the translating team a big round of applause!!!Wheeee!!!!! I just successfully patched my game, looks nice! Here's some screenshots for you all!

Game interface and our pretty heroine :3

the new statistics screen

kawaii save screen

Now ren insults you in English! *nosebleed*

*mumbles*If only this were for the PC version....Though hearing all those sexy lines and actually understanding them might be too much for me :P


GUIDELINES for installing the patch and walkthrough are at the links available in the translation thread, and the people looking for the Keywords needed for this English Love Revo DS can go here:


  1. They are so fast translating this game ^_^ But too bad the DS version doesn't have a voice. Btw did you play starry sky? How is it? I heard the summer one is good, but I pretty disappointed with Spring one. Tsukiko is one of the worst heroine ever lol

  2. I know! I somehow managed to tolerate her in the spring main game as I mainly paid attention to the bro-bonding between the three guys in the common route which was really cute, but in the fandisc I just wanted to throttle her >.< I only played Suzuya's after story, who was my favorite guy in Spring, but his After Spring story was TOTALLY lame thanks to the brainless Tsukiko(who did nothing but whine throughout the whole story).....well at least there was references to sexytimes which calmed me down a bit, haha. I hear the other routes were more innocent, and as I am a perv...... :P

    Sorry I haven't played the summer one. I have it, but I feel sick looking at her eyeless face. >.<

  3. *v* looks interesting.. The last picture just trigger my M switch...dat insulting face~~~

  4. Oh my, this game got an English patch? :0 How interesting~ This game was pretty long for me on the PC, mostly because I suck at stat-raising games like these and I just - I suck at this system. T_T but at least on the DS I can cheat... 8D LOL JK but anyways~ I think I might replay this on the DS with this English patch... I played LoveREVO (and kind of, abandoned it per se after a little while ^^;;;;;; because at that time my Japanese was like level -100000) a long time ago, so I suppose now is a time to revive my interest in it? Ahaha~ Anyways I probably wouldn't have found this out if I hadn't gone and checked out your blog :> so thanks for this~

  5. Do you know where I can get the korean version to use the english patch? I can't find it anywhere T^T

    1.!!_(KS)(OneUp)/50034 Hopefully

  6. Hi, Was looking at the nds otome games that I can play and came upon your site. Thanks a lot!

  7. wondering if anyone has a infinite money cheat for the english translation. i suck at the game and it would definitely help me .

  8. How do i get it to play on DraStic on my tablet?