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[Mini-Review+Translation]Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori Translation draft+first impressions

So I picked up Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori recently because I've become tired of sparkly "pure love" otome games at this moment and wanted something with a lot of ero. ;) I saw this game get two types of reactions: most people just looking for hot bishounen loved this game to death as it has pretty artwork, but others who want more realistic stories and weirded out by rape got major pissed off. I looked up one of my favorite bloggers, Hinano's review and she went into a rage over this game. XDXD I also am getting rape vibes even though I haven't even met all the characters yet, but still I'm gonna give this a try as I don't mind rape that much if it isn't pulled out of the ass and inserted into a story without any reason. Also I really love the art and the music. And even if they are stupid, voiced protagonist=WIN since I hate that "step into the heroine's shoes" shit.

Anyway, I'll do the review later, this will be just a small rambling along with translation upto the point I've played~~

The game starts with the Protagonist (I gave her the default name Tiana) stabbing someone(O_O) and running away once a person sneaks up on her. Suddenly the scenery shifts and we see her hanging from the edge of a cliff. Turns out her bitch-as-ho of a stepmother sent her to her death under the pretense of delivering some food to some imaginary uncle. The map was rigged so she would fall off an edge after a certain step.

But she was careful so she survived, then she went into a suicidal rage and decided instead of dying the way her stepmother wanted, she would find a wolf and get eaten by him. Dumbest idea I've ever heard. After some time from setting out on her search, she meets an extremely hawt bishounen wolf (*fangirl switch on!~*) who looks like he belongs in some rock idol group I really liked his looks.

He was unexpectedly nice and refused to eat Tiana, giving the excuse she wasn't mature enough XD Now here popped up the first choice of the game, if you act normal he'll just tease you a bit, but if you're nicer to him and pick the choice for his route, he gets a little pervy and decides to "taste" her to determine whether she's fit to be eaten. You ask me, he's just looking for an excuse to do some random groping :P Since I started playing the game for exactly this type of development, I'm happy

~~ *
ω* ~~

I played for a bit more, but I'll take an abrupt break here since I haven't translated that part yet. About the translation, I know horseshit about japanese and can only understand embarrassingly few phrases and words, and frequently have to rely on machine translator to confirm. This isn't supposed to be anything official, I just like having some translated parts when replaying the game later. Expect frequent mistakes her and there, and if you find lines where I completely misunderstood the meaning, please inform me without going ballistic on my ass.

Now, here is the translation upto the first ecchi scene, which would be like 10 minutes into the game T___T I'm sorry for being so slow~~~

Note: I've used "Ookami-san" while addressing the bishonen wolf himself, and "wolf" for referring to the species in general.


It was a painfully long night with a dazzling moon.

With my hands covered in blood, I thrust the gleaming silver knife into the body lying in front of me.

It is unpleasant, this firm yet soft feeling, as it sinks deep, deep inside the lump of flesh.

The fresh blood which splashes from the gap lands on my cheeks, startling me.

I didn’t know whether I could do such a thing for real.

I panicked, and pulled up the knife with all my might.

The blood that spurts out is like the shower this time, pouring over my head.

Red. So red.

Tiana: Ah... ah...ah...

I don’t know why, I look up at the moon weakly.

With the tip of my lashes covered with blood, even the moon looked red.

At that time, someone taps on my shoulder.

Tiana: ... Noooo!

As if driven back with force, I jump up and started running away from that place, still grasping the knife tightly.

I run after the moon.

Wherever I go, it runs after me for the whole time.

Blaming me who has stabbed Mama.

Tiana:... Haa... Haa...

Making loud sounds on purpose by trampling the withered leaves, I delved deeper into the woods.

The dark-colored scenery was spread indefinitely in front of me.

If I look up, the tall trees piercing through the skies covered me with their thick leaves.

From the little light coming through the gaps, I cannot understand whether it is from the sun or the moon.

It could be either daytime or nighttime, both are equally likely.

However none of that concerns me at this moment.

Hey, where is this?

Not being able to meet him even though I have been looking for a long time, I feel ticked off.

Hey~, come find me quickly, my gentle, gentle Ookami-san.

Eat my soft flesh, sip my blood until there isn’t one drop left, and suck me dry to the bone. I’ll be waiting, so---

This morning, I woke up at the dining room, with the aroma of freshly baked bread.

Mama: Tiana, I want to ask a favor of you today.

Even with her sickly sweet songlike voice, I notice her strained smile.

At times like this, I know that mama usually has some sort of agenda.

But I pretend not to notice and act like I don’t suspect anything.

Tiana: What is it, Mama? I’m okay with anything.

Mama: Good girl. Actually I want you to deliver this to your uncle.

Tiana:... Uncle...?

Mama: My Younger brother. I think I talked to you about him.

This is the first time I heard mama say anything about a brother.

But Mama gives me a dirty look when I say that I do not know about it and then does not speak for a while.

So I decided to go along with Mother’s lie.

Tiana: Now that you mention it, I feel like that you did talk about it before.

Then mama nodded contentedly and patted my head.

Mama: Now, this is what you will be delivering.

What was to be delivered was in a big basket, covered with a red checkered cloth.

When I looked into its inside for a moment, there were freshly-baked bread and ripe cheese. There was also a bottle of a red apple and red wine.

Such a thing, I wonder if there is any need to bother delivering it. This is something which is available anywhere.

I swallow my words and nod.

Tiana: I understand, Mama.

Because I’m a good girl, I said so to Mama, hanging the large basket on my hand and left home.

Smiling broadly, I wave to Mama cheerfully.

Sounds of crushed leaves from the feet putting a stop to my monologues, I advance intently towards the depths of the forest.

Hey mama, is my uncle really here?

Hey Mama, could it be that the place shown in this map is the Forest of Illusion?

The place which that is said to be impossible to go out after entering once, so none of the people in the village approaches the place, that Forest of Illusion?

Hey mama, if I got lost in this forest; if I died here, what would you think?

Though there were a lot of things that I wanted to hear from mama, actually I never heard anything.

Even though I was a good girl!

To tell the truth, whether I was a good girl or a bad girl, I knew Mama would have hated me either way.

However, because if I acted like a good girl Mama became just a little nicer, I chose to be a good girl.

Yet, It was useless.

Tiana: ... Fu...

While letting out a small laugh, I expanded the map which I received from Mama.

A little while ago, I went there. To this place on the map where Mama had put a red sign.

What do you think was there?

Of course, there was no uncle’s house.

There was a steep cliff.

I was vaguely aware of it, somehow I had already realized. That there was no uncle’s house.

I walked carefully because I had a bad feeling.

Through the thick foliage of trees which did not even let the light pass, I walked with steady steps while treading cautiously on the ground.

Suddenly, there is no earth below my feet.

Cruel Mama, she deceived me.

Though I avoided the fall and was survievd because I had walked carefully, wouldn’t I have died if one step was wrong?

Tiana: ... Fu...Fu... Aha, Aha...

After laughing for a while, I thoroughly tore the map into pieces and threw them into the sky violently.

The gust of wind, which blew as if according to my wishes, caused the torn paper to dance upwards to fly along with the leaves.

Pure white paper getting sucked into the sky.

The figure resembled particles of light returning to the skies, and I admired it for a while.

But when all of the paper disappeared from my view, I let out a sigh without meaning to, and muttered…

Tiana: … I am a fool.

Too bad for mama, because I hate high places, I refuse to die falling off a cliff.

However, I hate returning to that house even more.

It is better to die instead, if I have to continue living with Mama from now on.

However, if I was going to die anyway, let’s do it in a better way than jumping.

Mama could never do such a thing; die such a special death.

After giving it some thought, I chose this method.

The wolf that lives in the forest…until the stomach becomes full, I would have him eat me.

I think this is a much more meaningful way to die than just falling over a cliff.

Though I would die, I would become one with the flesh and blood of a wolf, and become a part of his life force. I got excited just from imagining it.

I did not care if I looked desperate, I did not mind even if I seemed insane.

Even if it is so, I was not satisfied.

The only shame here is that just the wolf and I would know this secret.

Not being known even to Mama and Papa, this is a little bit disappointing.

However, when I would die, I would no longer know anything. Because one becomes free from everything when one dies.

Ookami-san, I've already got tired of walking, come out soon.

I had just found a stump to rest, I tried to sit there.

At that time, from the other side of the dark shade of the trees, I could see someone slowly approaching.

- Two big ears you can see even in the silhouette. With each step, the thick tail shakes.

As soon as those amber almond eyes fell on me, they opened wide.

???: You are…?

Oh... No doubt, he is Ookami-san.

I thought that he would look scarier. He has gentle eyes, pretty handsome.

The firm big body is very wonderful, too.

I wouldn’t mind being eaten by him.


1. Ask when he wants to eat me

Standing in front of the wolf, I bow dramatically while picking up the edge of my skirt.

Tiana: Nice to meet you, Ookami-san.

Ookami-san: Likewise.

In a slightly rushed gesture, Ookami-san returned my greeting with a slight bow.

Tiana: I came here to be eaten by you.

Ookami-san: To be…eaten by me?

Ookami-san did not seem to understand my meaning immediately and tilted his head, looking puzzled.

That’s right. Other than me, I wouldn’t know any girl who’d go to a wolf to be eaten voluntarily either.

Tiana: I don’t think I’m very unpalatable, what do you think?

I shifted my red hood off my shoulders, exposing my skin and showing it to him.

At that moment, Ookami-san’s eyes, which had been calm until now, seems to shine with a mysterious gleam.

Ookami-san: …Hmm.

After thoroughly looking over my skin with narrowed, appraising eyes, he licks his lips.

It’s just a red tongue of another living thing, but it moves so bewitchingly.

When I see it, for some reason my heart throbs, and I get a little excited.

Is this anticipation of being eaten? Or --.

Ookami-san: Then, shall I assume that I am allowed to get a taste?

Ookami-san’s hand grips my shoulder and draws it to his lips.

Tiana: ….Eh….

I prepare myself for the pain to run through my shoulder, and close my eyes tightly.

It’s okay, it will be over soon, I am not afraid.

When I felt it, I thought it was not pain, but a sweet feeling.

Ookami-san: ...

Tiana: ….Ah!

Ookami-san’s tongue crawls over my skin.

Carefully, slowly, he confirms my taste.

Every place traced by his tongue sends chills when exposed to the air, raising goosebumps throughout my body.

It is not just the cold, I don't understand... It was a sensation I had never experienced until now.

Although I thought that I was okay with being eaten, I suddenly become afraid and the back of my knees begins to tremble.

Tiana: …Nah…

When I unintentionally let out a small scream, my eyes have met with the smirking Ookami-san.

Ookami-san: Apparently, you do not seem to be suited for my mouth.

Releasing my body, Ookami-san corrected my hood politely.

Tiana: Wh… What? Are you saying that I taste bad?"

Surprised at his refusal to eat me, I approach Ookami-san with a severe look.

Ookami-san slowly shakes his head from side to side, the corner of his lip moving upward.

Ookami-san: Though your taste does not seem bad, you are still too early for me to eat. Sorry, I have a principle to eat mature adults only.

2. I am waiting for you to eat me

After finding a human, no wolf would let them escape.

While it is likely for him to attack it even if I keep silent, I waited patiently as I stood before Ookami-san.

Ookami-san stares blankly at me for a while, then turns his face away losing interest.

Tiana: !!

Panicking, I grab Ookami san’s hand trying to stop him as he passes by in front of me.

Tiana: Why are you going away?

Ookami-san: What’s with you, do you have any business with me?

Tiana: Nope, it’s you who has business with me.

Ookami-san: Huh?

Tiana: If you are a Wolf, aren’t you supposed to eat humans? Why aren’t you trying to eat me?

Ookami-san: Eat you?

With his “what the hell are you saying” expression, I lose confidence right away and respond in a small voice.

Tiana:…. Wolves eat humans, right?

Ookami-san nods his head casually in reply.

Ookami-san: Yeah, sometimes I do.

Tiana: Then...

Ookami-san: However … You are still too early for me to eat.

From the edge of his grinning mouth, His red tongue peeped out.

That deep red was so awfully sexy, I fight off the instinctive shiver through my back and ask Ookami-san.

Tiana: What do you mean by ‘too early’?

Ookami-san: Sorry, I have a principle to eat mature adults only.

Tiana: Na...!

[Choice end]

For branding me as a child completely like that, I got angry and glared at Ookami-san.

Tiana: "I am not a child. "

Ookami-san: But don’t you look like one in my eyes?

Tiana: How rude. Isn’t it your eyes that are bad?

Ookami-san observed my figure again from top to bottom for a while.

And then laughing with a snort, he stooped his shoulders in a joking gesture.

Ookami-san: Ah, my bad. You are not a child….you are a baby.

Tiana: …!

What a rude person.

It was good, that I did not meet my end from being eaten by such a person.

As I turn around to quickly find other wolves, Ookami-san grabs my arm.

Ookami-san: Well, wait a minute. There must be some circumstances behind a child like you being alone in such a forest. Depending on the situation, I might eat you.

Tiana: I told you, I’m not a child…

Ookami-san: Yeah, my bad. Baby~

Tiana: Agh, enough with the “child” already!

Becoming desperate, I spoke of my situation so far.

My real mother died when I was small. A little while ago, I got a new mama.

It seemed like this new mama did not like me.

Mama bullied me sometimes, treating me like a nuisance.

Because Papa was away for work half the time every month, he was not aware of Mama bullying me.

And today, Mama passed me a fake map along with the goods for an uncle who did not even exist…

Ookami-san: So you decided to run away from home?

Tiana: Don’t say it like I’m the bad guy. I was the one abandoned here.

Ookami-san: It would still cause a scandal for that person.

I started growing impatient with Ookami-san who keeps grinning and will not try to eat me at all.

Tiana: Does it matter either way? Now, are you going to eat me or not?

Ookami-san: I won’t.

Tiana: !!

After making me tell my story, what is that attitude.

Tiana: Then, I don’t have any more business with you.

Ookami-san: Where will you go from here?

Ookami-san says that to make fun of me.

Tiana: I am going to meet some wolf other than you and have them eat me. Not all wolves are picky like you. They would eat a child’s meat without worrying about like and dislike.

Ookami-san: You wouldn’t get eaten right away.

Tiana: Eh?

Ookami-san: Not all wolves are kind like me. They’d skin you alive, drink your blood and after enjoying the sight of you screaming for a while, maybe they’ll eat you.

Tiana: ...

My skin crawls just from imagining it.

Ookami-san: Don’t be afraid.

Tiana: I am not…

My voice betraying me, the end of my sentence rang loudly.

Ookami- san laughs watching me.

Ookami-san: Hahaha! Don’t bluff, baby~

Tiana: ... What’s with that “baby” ?! So rude, I have a proper name you know!

Ookami-san: Name?

Tiana: Yeah, my name is Tiana—

Ookami-san: …! Stupid, stop it! Don’t say your name!

Tiana: Eh?

With that remark, I covered my mouth with both hands.




However, without anything happening, the forest is just wrapped in silence.

When I moved my hands from my mouth, there were wrinkles in the middle of his forehead from discomfort.

Tiana: ... What? Why should not I introduce myself?

Ookami-san: ... You, are you safe?

Ookami-san stares at me with round eyes and gaping wide open mouth.

Tiana: ... So what?

Ookami-san: You are alright.

Tiana: ... uh?

Ookami-san: You…could you be…

Tiana: ???

Amber eyes stare at my face with creases forming in the middle of the forehead.

Without any regard to me who was puzzled, the wolf nodded vigorously with understanding.

Ookami-san: I get it now…

Inclining his body a little, the edges of his mouth raise in a wide grin.

Ookami-san: Tiana, I’ll teach you something good. In this forest, it is forbidden to ask a person their name.

Tiana: Eh…?

Ookami-san: On the other hand, if asked about your name…whatever, you will be alright in this case. However, do not introduce yourself on your own.

Tiana: Why?

Ookami-san: It is because this is the law of this forest... I’ll definitely protect it.

Even though he had a smiling face, his eyes were dead serious. I hold my breath and nod in agreement.

Satisfied with that, Ookami-san laughed gladly.

Ookami-san: Okay then, if you don’t want to go home, come with me. I will take care of you until you become an adult.

Tiana: …Eh?

Ookami-san: Even though I have no need of you right now, if raised well it seems you could become meat of finest quality. I am looking forward to enjoying eating you at that time.



translation end!

Gosh, all of Ookami-san's sprites look so great. ♥ o ♥


  1. O.O at first I really interested with this game, but rape scene? Err I think I'll avoid it for now, I can't handle that kind of situation lol.

    And your translation is really great ^_^

    1. Yeah, thank you! ^_^ Though I am sad that nobody I know to have played the game is commenting on whether I screwed up anything in the translation.

    2. Excuse me. Where did you get this game? Been looking this game. I am outside of Japan D:

  2. It looks so good TT^TT but I can't read Japanese!! >_< only a little're so lucky! But thanks for the translation! :)

    1. You're welcome, I hope I can manage to finish this someday.(in the far,far future)

  3. Ah, you've tried this? How's Ookami? I really like him because of his voice (Yup. I like Kishou). You're doing a great translation to translate all the dialogues. I wonder if it would make you tired. But this can be used to study too.

    1. Yeah, it's pretty tiring so I often take a break a break to play Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi instead (which I play at the speed of light without keeping any documentation). And yeah Ookami is dreamy ♥o♥ For me it was an instant kill as soon as I laid my eyes on him. I love his personality, I really like that he's so kind to Tiana despite being "the wolf", and lol for his meaning references to "eating" and Tiana being dumb enough not to notice anything dirty fulXDXD Doesn't hurt either that he sounds as good as he looks ♥ Has his seiyuu done any work in other games?

    2. Yeah, Kuro to Kin is pretty fast to finish. I didn't make any review for it too (I think there are many out there already).

      Playing this makes me go over Kishou (Also searching for his drama CDs just to hear his voice). Hmm, any other game he worked at? The latest might be Black wolves saga, though I don't prefer to play that because of too many violence and art isn't my style.

  4. I want to play this game :(
    the art of the game is good ^^
    do u hav any advise how to play this game??because i cant read japanese..i hav this game already

    1. how do you got the game? im trying to get it. but have no idea how to get it. I whent to to the website but I cant understand it. where did you go to get it.

    2. The only way you can get to play this game is by using AGTH/ATLAS/ITH translation. That's how I was able to play the game. The grammar isn't very strong, so occasionally you'd be guessing what they are saying. But it's better than nothing! :D
      Good luck!

  5. Oh My Gosh *________* I Want to play this game so badly ;O; love the artwork...
    Where can i get it? i want it in english ;_; but i think that would never happen.. gooosh it looks so awesome!!! ;___;

    1. Try googling its name with "craneanime". And sorry, no english patch.

  6. This is where I got it, great website by the way. It's all in Japanese, there is no patch, but at least it's fairly easy to install (you need daemon lite and and then open the iso in it).

  7. Where did you get this game? Been looking this game. I am outside of Japan

    1. I'm downloading it here:

  8. thanks for the translation! I've enjoyed so much!!
    I've tried to install this game by changing my laptop language to japanese first, but when installation window appear the language was unreadable like randomely chars, maybe some text code was wrong :(. I used win8 by the way, do you know how to fix this? Thank you

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