Monday, April 23, 2012

[NEWS] New game from VenusEclipse+ Some good news for English otome gamers!

First, the most important thing. Those of you who played Frozen Essence and were awed by the AWESOME storyline, Venuseclipse brings us her new game for nanoreno, where the challenge is to create a game in a month.

GO grab it from here!

Also, these couple of months have been really good for us all....first The Second Reproduction gets an English patch, now even more opportunities for playing English otome games are popping up! And most of them are free! Yay!

1. (P)lanets 2: The mega-super-awesome Teacup confirmed in her latest post that (P)lanets 2, the sequel to the extremely cute and funny otome game (P)lanets from last year will definitely be free! Wooo!

2.Love Revo! for DS: Though I mentioned this in my earlier post, I felt this deserved a separate mention. This group is translating the game and they are almost done (95%+), if you want to apply English patch, you must use the Korean game, "Girlish Love Revolution DS" which is the Korean version of Love Revo. I've heard people complain they couldn't find it anywhere, but I found it pretty easily by googling.

3. duplicity~beyond the lies~ is out! This is the "complete" version of duplicity~An eternal ~ which a freeware, but this one is commercial. I am actually pretty late for this since it came last month but oh well (I only started my blog this month XD).

4. The Knife of the Traitor: A small freeware otome game with rather quirky and awesome humor made for NaNoRenO 2012. I had a lot of fun playing this one! Links


  1. Yeah so glad right now they are more VN games in English, btw did you try Winter in Fairbrook and always remember me? That games are cute ^_^

    1. Yeah, I tried both. Always Remember me was ok, but WInter in Fairbrook was MAJOR AWESOME :D:D:D