Sunday, April 22, 2012

[NEWS] Revolutionary project for easy VN translations

The best news I've heard all year. I meant to post this in the last post then decided to do it in a separate post. :)

Basically some AWESOME people at Fuwanovel thought of an idea to implement a new simple plugin/addon that would be able to display properly translated english text (not a machine translation) in a separate window on the fly, while playing the game, without hackers needing to work out how to do text re-insertion.
As for now, the proposal is such: the translation would be done by the following steps:
  • The plugin would capture the text hooked from the game (through "text hooker" programs such as AGTH and ITH), line by line.
  • Then search a text doc (either from an offline downloaded file containing the translations or a online server database that would be updated by the translators) for that appropriate line,
  • Display the proper translation for that line from the document (not using any translation engines) in a separate window.
This way, no coding or game editing needed to get a proper translation, and people without the knowledge of scripting/editing but fluent in japanese would easily be able to contribute to translation of Visual novels. Translations would become so much easier without having to wrestle with the complex coding and hacking tools, and I bet many novice translators would become inspired to come forward.

(Stokky at animekon explained this in a much clearer way, forgive my ramblings and visit there too~~)

Lots of love to Aaeru for organizing this and brilliant programmers who are giving shape to this project!

Keep yourself updated by visiting the fuwanovel and hongfire forums!

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