Friday, April 6, 2012

The start of a revolution! (or not)

So! This is my first attempt at writing a blog at an official "blogging site", so I felt it would be too cheap if I didn't at least try to write something before copy pasting from my diary elsewhere.

I am Aurora (not real name., inspired by the Disney princess by the same name, so lame~~) currently an university student who spends too much time playing Visual novels. My interests also include manga, anime, "normal" video games and books. Once upon a time I was a total bookworm, but now internet rules my life :P

Since among the visual novels I've played about 70% are otome, this blog will mainly be a place for ranting about otome games, bishies and fangirling, but I also play eroges targeted towards boys if the story and setting interests me. There will also be occasional real life rants and musings, but feel free to ignore them. XD

Now that introductions are over with, I'll start posting my silly rants. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

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